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The following is a list of all authors, bands, cartoonists, colorists, film makers, film producers, illustrators, inkers, musicians, music producer, typesetters and comic publishers currently signed up on Phicno.
D.W Richards (Alexandra Forever)

David is a freelance writer, script-doctor and novelist. He is co-writer of the graphic novel “The Gettysburg Continuum” and the author of “The Fifth Pillar” and “Pairs”, the novel that introduces us to Alexandra. He’s been working on her saga ever since. David holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Carleton University and when not writing he wears the disguise of a mild-mannered CPA. Check him out on Facebook at David W. Richards - Author.
David Lucarelli (DavidLucarelli)

David Lucarelli is a writer, musician and sound engineer. He lives in Hollywood with his wife, son, and cats.
Demzignant Studios

Demzignant Studios is a now defunct comic company we started in 2000. With the advent of Phicno, we can now provide our comics online for everyone to enjoy.
Natalie Ngo (goldenass)

I'm just a girl, writing a story in the form of comics...
BL Johnston (Miasma Comics)

The Miasma Comics series is set in a world where the Axis Alliance were victorious in WWII and they rule the Earth through various corporations. The Blood-Dragon episodes take place in Asia, where there is a battle between the poorly supported Japanese forces and a growing rebel Chinese army. The Baptism Of Fire episodes take place in Europe and the Americas where N-Corp fight to control a powerful vigilante of unknown origins.
Shelby Johnson (NerdyShels)

I apologize for not yet having written my introduction... I am working on it.
Brian Stewart (Next Level Comics)

Hello Everybody, I am Brian, the author and creator of The Dauntless series. Currently I have one book out titled The Dauntless: Fall of Liberty Part 1.
Non Pertinente (nonpertinente)

Comic book artist, writer, and illustrator. Creator of the Hideth comic.
Sage Stossel (starlingcomic)

Sage Stossel is a contributing editor for the Atlantic and a cartoonist for the Boston Globe, the, the Provincetown Banner (for which she received a New England Press Association Award), and elsewhere.
Evan Spears (Ultraculture Comix)

I apologize for not yet having written my introduction... I am working on it.
Ty Waters (WeAreComic)

Hi there I'm an author going on 22 years old, have already finished ch.1, but would love to work some artists to fully flesh out my idea
Samuel Dealey (Woohooligan!)

I apologize for not yet having written my introduction... I am working on it.
Chip White (ChipWhite)

I apologize for not yet having written my introduction... I am working on it.
Mikael Plymoth (elephantintheor)

Hello! I write and draw The Elephant in the OR a Medical webcomic about an intern trying to survive his internship year. I am myself a Medical student from Sweden. I like sports, drawing and exploring the World!
Gerard Arantowicz (jewelcartoons)

I write cartoons to inspire kids and make people laugh
Neecko Bar (JoesBar12)

Joe’s Bar was created from a single panel cartoon that I doodled up in 2012. The cartoon was set in a bar with a drunk questioning a clown sitting at the bar with a statement of “Hey . . . You Know What’s Funny?”, and the caption reads “EVERYTHING!” There’s a lot of truth in that statement and this became the premise of my work.
D.K. Upshaw (ShesLadytooner)

I'm a baby boomer cartoonist with the heart of a millennial. I'm not so old school that I can't appreciate the here and now. My comics are cute, sassy and clean at the same time. Enjoy!
James Boyd (SunnySideUp)

I'm James Boyd, the creator of SunnySideUp. I am a graduate student in Astrophysics at the University of California, Irvine. I started drawing Sunny to amuse my 8-year-old son, Simon. I try to keep it as family friendly as possible. Feel free to contact me!
Vinícius Carreiro (Bachmaniaco)

I apologize for not yet having written my introduction... I am working on it.
Eric Carman Sr. (Carman47)

I am currently working as a freelance artist doing a variety of projects for a variety of independent clients.
I pride myself on a few things. I have the ability to produce artwork on a wide scale of mediums, styles and presentations depending on what is required. I have a tremendous eye for detail and create quality work. I do all types of work: simple single-panel cartoons, children's book illustration, comic book illustration (pencils, inks, coloring, lettering), storyboarding, caricatures, pencil portraits, pen & ink work and more.
Frank Grau (Frank Grau)

I'm an illustrator/designer with 25 years professional experience illustrating and designing for various industries, e.g., comics, character design, commercial illustration, storyboards, giftware/decor/plush-toy design

I am an illustrator based here in Los Angeles and I have worked, and continue to work, in a variety of areas of graphic design and illustration, including character design, advertising, and editorial illustration. I attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA and have been freelancing professionally for about 20 years. You can check out some of my work at:
Lambros Pantsios (LaPant90)

Hi, I’m Lambros, I am a comicstrip artist, cartoonist and animator.
A brief summary!

-Born in Upstate New York
-Raised in Greece
-BA in Visual Arts, Bennington College
-MA in Character Animation, Central Saint Martins (UAL)
-Live in Liverpool, UK

-Love Heavy Metal, electric guitars, history, movies, high fantasy, drawing faces.

Michael Bennett (MichaelBennett)

Tattoo Artist of 15 years following my dream of sequential storytelling.
Michael Harants (micharan)

I have been an illustrator since I first picked up a number 2 pencil. I got my Illustration degree from California State University Long Beach. I always wanted to be a comic artist mirroring the talents of Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, and Todd McFarlane. I currently do illustration of the more technical nature for film and automotive. Always looking to put creative ideas on paper.
Inventive Response LLC (phicno)

This is the primary account for sponsored and managed by the site's creator, "Inventive Response LLC"
Paul Olson (demzpaul)

I started lettering comics in 2001. I actually ended up switching my major to graphic design I enjoyed it so much. I've written, colored, and lettered along with logo creation and branding styles.