What is Phicno?

In the Author's Own Words

I truly believe in helping others. What does that mean? It means I care about the well being of others and want to do what I can to help and support those who have a particular need or goal in life and helping to remove the obstacles in their way. I created phicno.com to help unpublished and/or struggling authors achieve global exposure to their work and, if they choose to do so, make a living from the sale of their work in a digital format. More importantly, you own your work, not us. If you are discovered and your career takes off outside of this site, We wish you luck and hope your good fortune helps create exposure for this site, and in turn, helps others like yourself to prosper as well!

Quick Info Sheet

[ Download a pdf ] to learn more about the site creator, so me majors features and functionality of the Website and a sneek peak into some cool features coming this year.

YouTube Playlist

We created a video series that walks you through what the Phicno community is all about and gives you a tour of all the cool and interesting features of the site: Watch the Videos

The Vision

Indie comic and graphic novel creators will be able to gain the exposure necessary to make a true living and career of their passion and indie comics fans will be provided a way to meet and engage with their favorite authors in the way they used to doing at Comic conventions.

The Mission

To provide indie comic and graphic novel creators global, digital exposure and/or commerce opportunity and to provide them with business tools to help them succeed; and to provide fans of indie comics a way to engage with their favorite authors.